Effortless Integration, Infinite Possibilities

Beest makes your CRM smarter, not harder. It empowers you to boost your sales sky-high in just a few clicks.

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Integration Simplified: Seamlessly Connect with CRM, ERP, and More

Open APIs refer to Beest’s ability to easily connect and communicate with various systems like CRM, ERP, and payment gateways. 

This is achieved through advanced API technology, ensuring compatibility and streamlined data exchange across different platforms. 

The advantage for sales leaders is the significant boost in operational efficiency and data accuracy, making management tasks smoother and more reliable.

  • Seamless System Sync
  • Universal Platform Compatibility
  • Automated Data Exchange
  • Effortless CRM Integration
  • Real-Time Information Flow
  • Reduced Manual Entry
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Sales directors should prioritize open APIs in their sales app to ensure seamless integration and data accuracy, and choosing Beest means embracing a solution designed for effortless connectivity and universal compatibility.


Smooth Shift: Transition to the Cloud with Minimal IT Effort

This means moving your business operations to Beest’s cloud platform effortlessly, without heavy IT demands

This process is facilitated by Beest’s Easy Transition services, which simplify data migration and system setup

For sales managers, the advantage lies in quickly harnessing cloud benefits like scalability and accessibility, without disrupting existing workflows.

  • Hassle-Free Cloud Migration
  • Minimal IT Involvement Needed
  • Quick Data Import
  • Immediate Cloud Benefits
  • Streamlined Setup Process
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Seamless Integration

Sales leaders should prioritize easy transition to adapt to cloud advantages swiftly, ensuring their teams stay agile and efficient with Beest’s streamlined migration process.


On-the-Go: Access Beest Anytime, Anywhere, and On Any Device

This means you can utilize Beest tools and features whenever and wherever you are. Above all, you can access all available functionalities through your mobile devices or smartphones.

This is made possible through Beest’s support for iOS and Android platforms, ensuring seamless CRM integration and real-time updates on the go. 

For sales directors, this mobility means constant connectivity to their CRM, enabling immediate decision-making and updates, regardless of location.

  • Access Anywhere, Anytime
  • iOS and Android Friendly
  • Instant CRM Updates
  • Seamless Mobile Integration
  • Real-Time Data Sync
  • Unified Team Connectivity
  • Always in Control

Sales managers should prioritize mobile accessibility to ensure their teams are always connected, informed, and agile, with Beest providing the perfect platform for on-the-go business management.


Unified Systems: Integrate, Automate, and Innovate with Beest

This means Beest connects your CRM with ERP, payroll, and payment systems for a unified workflow

This is enabled by open APIs, automating data flow and ensuring compatibility across various platforms. 

For sales leaders, it offers the advantage of streamlined operations, allowing them to concentrate on business growth rather than manual processes.

  • Seamless System Connections
  • Automated Data Workflows
  • Error Reduction
  • Business Scalability
  • Real-Time Data Sync
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Efficiency Boost

Sales directors should prioritize comprehensive integration to streamline their operations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy with Beest’s advanced connectivity solutions.

Integration Made Effortless

Choosing the right sales management software with easy integration capabilities can significantly enhance your team’s efficiency, reduce operational costs, and drive your sales performance to new heights.

Premier choice for Field Sales and Fundraising Software

In the sphere of field sales and fundraising, Beest is recognized as the ultimate platform, endowed with a broad spectrum of features that optimize operations, elevate performance, and enhance productivity. At its core, the sales tracking functionality delivers critical insights and analytics in real-time, empowering sales teams to navigate the intricacies of their sales initiatives with unparalleled precision.

Beest drives operational excellence forward with task automation, significantly diminishing the time required for routine tasks. This shift enables sales professionals to focus their efforts on their key goal: securing sales. The platform’s gamification feature introduces an element of competitive enthusiasm, motivating teams with engaging challenges and rewards that bolster performance.

An essential toolkit for sales leadership, the sales performance suite provides vital tools such as sales slides and analytics, aiding in the facilitation of strategic decision-making. The instant payment and digital signature functionalities ensure the efficient and secure completion of deals, making transactions not only rapid but also securely managed.

With a commitment to upholding ethical standards in sales, Beest incorporates smart QA and fraud control to maintain the highest levels of integrity. For newly integrated team members, the platform offers easy sales training and a more streamlined onboarding process for new hires through easier sales start for new representatives, ensuring they are ready to excel from day one.

Beest redefines the management of sales teams with its extensive array of tools, including route planning, sales planning tools, and GPS tracking. It strengthens team dynamics with instant team communication and peer-to-peer communication, promoting effective collaboration. Report building and campaign management tools support comprehensive strategic planning and analysis, while payroll and photo verification enhance the efficiency of administrative tasks and security measures.

From a technological standpoint, Beest prioritizes security and compliance with regulatory standards like GDPR, ensuring that its operations are not only streamlined but also secure and compliant. Its CRM integration and mobile & tablet friendly app offer seamless access and integration with existing systems.

Surpassing conventional software solutions, Beest creates a comprehensive ecosystem for sales canvassing, door-to-door sales, mobile field sales, and more. Its capabilities in sales forecasting, route and territory planning, and sales tracking make it the solution of choice for sales teams in a variety of industries. Whether the need is for direct sales software, sales reporting software, or an integrated management sales software, Beest delivers the necessary tools and insights for unparalleled success.

In conclusion, Beest’s comprehensive feature set, from sales rep software to sales manager software, and salesperson tracking software, positions it as the solution of choice for organizations looking to streamline their sales processes, improve team efficiency, and achieve unparalleled success in the competitive landscape of sales and fundraising.