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Guaranteeing safety in every deal.

Sales directors often grapple with the challenge of ensuring transaction security and maintaining customer trust amidst the risks of data breaches and fraud. steps in as a guardian, fortifying every transaction with advanced security measures like two-factor authentication and real-time fraud control, thereby restoring confidence in digital interactions. 

It protects sensitive information and also strengthens the trust between sales teams and their clients, a crucial foundation for successful sales outcomes.

  • Two-Factor Authentication: A double lock on security, ensuring only verified users gain access
  • IP Security: A digital fortress guarding against unauthorized intrusions
  • Encrypted Data: A secret code that keeps your data hidden from prying eyes
  • GDPR Compliance: Your assurance that customer data is handled with the utmost care
  • PCI Compliance: A seal of approval for secure payment processing
  • Real-Time Fraud Control: An ever-vigilant watchdog, sniffing out fraud before it happens
  • Secure Identification and Verification: The truth revealer, confirming identities with precision
  • Offline Functionality: A reliable ally, ensuring security even when the digital world goes dark

In a world where digital threats loom large, sales managers can trust Beest as it stands as a beacon of trust and security.


Precision in protection, power in sales

Sales leaders often face the daunting task of safeguarding their transactions against fraud while ensuring every customer interaction is genuine and secure. 

Beest offers a solution with its vigilant fraud control and smart QA, instantly detecting and addressing any irregularities or security threats

It provides a secure and trustworthy environment that bolsters customer confidence and protects business integrity.

  • Real-Time Fraud Control: A watchful eye on every transaction, guarding against fraud
  • Smart QA: A keen detector of any irregularities, ensuring nothing slips through
  • Comprehensive Triggers: A safety net catching everything from double registrations to odd timestamps
  • Secure Identification and Verification: A truth verifier, confirming the authenticity of every transaction
  • Offline Functionality: A reliable guard, operational even in the digital silence
  • Encrypted Data: A secret keeper, ensuring your data’s privacy
  • GDPR Compliance: A privacy protector, aligning with global standards
  • PCI Compliance: A trust emblem, securing payment processes

Sales directors should choose Beest’s vigilant oversight because in today’s digital age, ensuring transaction security isn’t just an option—it’s a necessity.


Where tools connect, sales strategies excel

Sales managers often struggle with integrating new tools into their existing systems without disrupting workflows. 

Beest simplifies this with its open API, ensuring seamless connectivity with other tools such as payment systems, making data exchange and fund transfers effortless. 

Its ability to enhance operational efficiency allow sales teams to focus on what they do best: selling.

  • Seamless Integration: Connects smoothly with your existing systems
  • Cloud Solution: Flexible verification from anywhere, supported by eco-friendly data centers
  • Offline Use: Reliable ID checks, even in the most remote locations
  • Data Safety: Your data is secure and responsibly managed
  • Flexible and Dynamic: Customizes to fit your unique operational needs
  • Real-Time Data Sync: Keeps your information up-to-date across platforms
  • Easy Setup: Quick integration without heavy IT involvement
  • Eco-Friendly Operations: Powered by green technology for a sustainable future

Sales managers should choose Beest for its unparalleled integration capabilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

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Trust, Secured

Elevate the integrity of your sales. Choose’s unmatched verification now.

Premier choice for Field Sales and Fundraising Software

In the competitive fields of field sales and fundraising, Beest stands out as the premier platform, equipped with a rich suite of functionalities designed to optimize operations, enhance performance, and elevate productivity. Central to its suite, the sales tracking feature offers invaluable real-time insights and analytics, enabling sales teams to navigate the complexities of their sales strategies with unmatched precision.

Beest propels operational productivity to new heights with task automation, significantly reducing the time allocated to routine tasks. This allows sales professionals to focus their efforts on their core objective: achieving sales. The platform’s gamification component introduces a competitive edge, encouraging teams with dynamic challenges and rewards that drive performance.

A crucial resource for sales leaders, the sales performance suite delivers essential tools like sales slides and analytics, facilitating strategic decision-making. The instant payment and digital signature features streamline the deal-closure process, ensuring that transactions are not only expedited but also securely managed.

Acknowledging the importance of upholding ethical standards in sales, Beest incorporates smart QA and fraud control to ensure the highest levels of integrity. For new team members, the platform offers easy sales training and a smoother onboarding experience for newcomers through easier sales start for new representatives, ensuring they are primed for success from the outset.

Beest revolutionizes sales team management with its comprehensive set of tools, including route planning, sales planning tools, and GPS tracking. It fosters team cohesion with instant team communication and peer-to-peer communication, promoting effective collaboration. Report building and campaign management tools aid in meticulous strategic planning and analysis, while payroll and photo verification streamline administrative tasks and enhance security measures.

Technologically, Beest emphasizes security and compliance with standards like GDPR, ensuring that its operations are not only efficient but also secure and compliant. Its CRM integration and mobile & tablet friendly app ensure seamless access and integration with current systems.

Surpassing the capabilities of ordinary software solutions, Beest establishes a comprehensive ecosystem for sales canvassing, door-to-door sales, mobile field sales, and beyond. Its prowess in sales forecasting, route and territory planning, and sales tracking identifies it as the preferred solution for sales teams in diverse sectors. Whether the requirement is for direct sales software, sales reporting software, or an all-encompassing management sales software, Beest provides the essential tools and insights for unparalleled achievements.

To sum up, Beest’s extensive array of features, from sales rep software to sales manager software, and salesperson tracking software, positions it as the ideal choice for organizations seeking to refine their sales processes, boost team efficiency, and secure unmatched success in the highly competitive domain of sales and fundraising.