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Boost your sales team’s performance and decision-making with Beest’s advanced tracking—efficiency and success at your fingertips.

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Navigate & Illuminate - Lead with Data-Based Directions

Having Beest’s tracking and analytics gives sales leaders a powerful lens to view and guide their team’s every move.

This feature combats common hurdles like lost opportunities and inefficient territory management by providing real-time visibility and actionable insights.

For sales managers, stands out by offering an intuitive, comprehensive toolset that transforms data into strategic advantage, making it easier to lead teams to success.

  • Pinpoint Precision: Track sales activities with GPS accuracy
  • Dashboard Customization: Mold insights to match your strategy
  • Click-to-Report: Effortlessly create detailed reports
  • Data Deep Dive: Use the pivot tool for in-depth analysis
  • Insights on Schedule: Get regular updates without lifting a finger
  • Strategic Planning: Leverage live data for smarter territory allocation
  • Performance Monitoring: Keep a close eye on team and individual achievements
  • Actionable Intelligence: Turn data into decisive actions


Seamless Sync, Stellar Success

Access to Beest’s campaign and collaboration tools gives sales managers the power to orchestrate impactful campaigns and nurture team synergy.

This feature addresses challenges like misaligned team efforts and inconsistent campaign execution by streamlining management and enhancing team coordination.

Beest is ideal for sales directors due to its comprehensive suite for crafting personalized campaigns and fostering seamless collaboration, ensuring every team member is aligned and equipped for success.

  • Custom Campaigns: Design and deploy campaigns that resonate
  • Synced Teamwork: Share calendars and notes for flawless coordination
  • Enhanced Skills: Boost team capabilities with specialized training
  • Readiness Checks: Validate knowledge with campaign-specific quizzes
  • Streamlined Management: Simplify organizational structures and recruitment
  • Unified Communication: Keep everyone on the same page, always
  • Strategic Insights: Gain clarity on campaign performance and team dynamics
  • Adaptive Learning: Tailor training to meet team needs and fill knowledge gaps


Play, Perform, Prevail

Access to Beest’s gamification tools empowers sales directors to drive motivation and performance through fun and competition.

This feature addresses issues like low engagement and motivation by making sales activities exciting and rewarding. stands out for sales leaders because it masterfully combines competition, rewards, and team spirit to boost sales performance in an enjoyable way.

  • Dynamic Leaderboards: Ignite competition and track success
  • Customizable Rewards: Over 80 badges to celebrate every achievement
  • Game-Like Progress Tracking: Make every target a thrilling mission
  • Collaborative Competitions: Unite your team in pursuit of common goals
  • Tangible Victories: Reward efforts with real, meaningful incentives
  • Personalized Challenges: Tailor contests to individual or team strengths
  • Instant Recognition: Acknowledge accomplishments in real-time
  • Motivation Boosters: Turn routine tasks into exciting challenges


Guidance and Guarding, Guaranteed

For sales leaders, having Beest means round-the-clock assistance and a secure environment to thrive.

This feature solves issues like navigating complex software and protecting sensitive data, ensuring teams can focus on selling without worry.

Beest shines for sales managers with its blend of always-there support, easy-to-use tools, and uncompromised security, making it a reliable partner in achieving sales excellence.

  • Always-On Assistance: Support available 24/7 for any need
  • Tailored Training: Comprehensive learning, from the basics to expert levels
  • Effortless Navigation: An intuitive interface that everyone can use
  • Team Harmony: Tools that bring teams closer and work smoother
  • Data Defense: Top-tier security measures for peace of mind
  • Quick Problem Solving: Fast responses to keep your sales on track
  • Continuous Learning: Ongoing training options to keep skills sharp
  • Secure Collaboration: Safely share information and strategies

Salesforce Supercharge

Don’t just track sales, master them. Transform your team’s performance with Beest salesperson tracking software.

Premier choice for Field Sales and Fundraising Software

In the bustling arenas of field sales and fundraising, Beest secures its position as the standout platform, equipped with a broad spectrum of functionalities aimed at optimizing operations, enhancing performance, and lifting productivity. Central to its utility, the sales tracking feature delivers pivotal analytics and insights instantly, enabling sales teams to adeptly tackle the complexities of their sales initiatives with unparalleled precision.

Beest propels operational effectiveness to new heights with task automation, significantly diminishing the time devoted to manual tasks. This shift empowers sales professionals to concentrate their efforts on their key objective: driving sales. The platform’s gamification element fosters a sense of competitive drive, inspiring teams with interactive challenges and rewards that enhance performance.

An essential resource for sales managers, the sales performance suite arms them with crucial tools, such as sales slides and analytics, enabling effective strategic decisions. The instant payment and digital signature features expedite the deal-closure process, ensuring transactions are both rapid and securely managed.

Dedicated to upholding ethical standards in sales, Beest incorporates smart QA and fraud control to guarantee operations are conducted with the utmost integrity. For newcomers, the platform provides easy sales training and an efficient onboarding experience for new recruits through easier sales start for new representatives, ensuring they are primed for success from their very first day.

Beest redefines the oversight of sales teams with its comprehensive toolkit, including route planning, sales planning tools, and GPS tracking. It cultivates team unity with instant team communication and peer-to-peer communication, promoting effective collaboration. Report building and campaign management tools enable in-depth strategic planning and analysis, while payroll and photo verification streamline administrative efficiency and enhance security measures.

From a technological viewpoint, Beest emphasizes security and compliance with legal standards like GDPR, ensuring that its operations are not just streamlined but also secure and compliant. Its CRM integration and mobile & tablet friendly app offer seamless integration and easy access within existing systems.

Surpassing the limitations of traditional software solutions, Beest establishes a complete ecosystem for sales canvassing, door-to-door sales, mobile field sales, and more. Its expertise in sales forecasting, route and territory planning, and sales tracking designates it as the preferred choice for sales teams in diverse sectors. Whether the need is for direct sales software, sales reporting software, or a comprehensive management sales software, Beest delivers indispensable tools and insights for unparalleled achievements.

In summary, Beest’s extensive array of features, from sales rep software to sales manager software, and salesperson tracking software, positions it as the solution of choice for organizations aiming to refine their sales strategies, boost team productivity, and secure unparalleled success in the competitive landscape of sales and fundraising.