Tricks and tips for selling more

Here you’ll find valuable tips and insights related to sales optimization, for both sales representatives, sales leaders and back office functions. Happy reading!

Easier Sales Optimization

Loved our sales optimizations insights? Here’s how to take action:

✅ Enhance Sales Efficiency: Get actionable insights to close more sales faster.

✅ Streamline Communication: Instantly connect reps with sales leaders.

✅ Easier Sales Confirmations and Payments: Say goodbye to invoicing hassles. Get paid promptly.

✅ User-Friendly: Easy to use for both sales agents, sales leaders and backoffice.

✅ Integrates With Your CRM: Easy to use for both sales agents, sales leaders and backoffice.

Don’t miss out! Experience the transformative power of the Beest Field Sales Software.


Elevate your sales game with a tool designed for top performers like you!

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Beest App: Makes Fundraising Easier

The history: It all started when a field sales and fundraising company wasn’t satisfied with the existing solutions. They wanted something that could help their sales teams sell more and fulfill better, so they started developing their own field sales software.

The vision: It had to outperform the existing solutions in sales performance, be easier to complete the sales processes, and also integrate with the CRM used by the back office.

The result was the early version of what today is known as the Beest App.

Now, after being perfected through real life use by field sales representatives, sales leaders and back office over the past 10 years, it has proven to become a very powerful tool for sales organizations and companies.

  • Easier sales rep recruiting
  • Easier sales rep training
  • Easier live sales rep and sales leader communications
  • Easier sales route planning
  • Easier sales presentation tools
  • Immediate mobile signing hot sales
  • Immediate payments
  • Easy sales reports
  • Easier sales rep payments
  • Integrates with all CRMs with APIs
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