Why choose Beest?

The most important decision you need to make – is to actually have a solution that is tailored to your kind of operations, wether you are doing face-to-face fundraising or sales in seom shape, sort or form. 
If you haven´t made that decision yet, you can have a lok at what these kind of solutions can help you with in some of our videos here or in our FAQ here

There´s a lot of great tools out there, but of course Beest is the one that stands out as the be(e)st in class when it comes to supporting your face-to-face, door-to-door, event, street or canvassing operation. 

In the following sections we´re going to give you a short overview on the different topics where we think Beest has an edge and why it should be the easy decision to go for. 


Maybe the most important reason to choose Beest, is the fact that our software has been developed over the last 10 years, especially for an organisation doing face-to-face fundraising and field sales. 

This meaning that Beest is optimized for every aspect of your operations, both for your backoffice and your field resources. 

We know how important it is to have all aspects of the operation covered and making sure that all the dots are connected so you can function as optimal as possible. 

Our feature set includes everything you need from advanced dashboards and reporting, Quality Assurance tools, campaign builder, recruiting and training module to a powerful app with gamification, content presentations, live maps, payment possibilities and much, much more. 

And here´s some of the other really god reasons to why you should choose Beest as your next tool for face-to-face fundraising or field sales. In a not prioritised order.. 

  1. Easy Transition

    With our “Easy Transition” services you are secured an effective and easy transition into our cloud solution – it does also mean that your internal IT-department will be more than happy, because they don´t need to do a lot of work on your side. You can also start using Beest without your IT-department being involved at all..
    We have scripts and integrations that will extract the information from existing solutions that you want to import into Beest. So whatever solution you are using, we got your back covered.
    Since we are a fully cloud solution you don´t need to install anything on your servers or in your datacenter. Enable the service with us, do some training, download an app for IOS or Android or use it on the web, and you are ready to go.

    Fundraising Platforms

  2. Open API´s

    At Beest we truly believe in cooperations and partnerships – and we also know that there are other solutions out there better than us at certain things and that our clients probably have existing solutions they want to integrate with. Because who wants to register information multiple times?
    Therefor our software has been developed with that in mind – we have open API´s that already have a large set of standard integrations towards 3rd party solutions like CRM, ERP, Payroll, payment gateways etc.
    We know this will help our customers a lot and it also optimises and simplifies the processes within the organisation. Registering new client information is done only once and getting paid on the spot are just two of the examples that have made our clients a lot more efficient than before.

  3. A great feature set and future proof

    As previously mentioned we have a great feature set in Beest – and we give you access to everything we have when you buy one our subscription. And you´ll also get access to a lot of features when you use our free version. How about that?
    A listing of some of the overall features that you will find in Beest includes, amongst other things:

    Sales Management and leads generation 
    Gamification with badges/rewards and challenges 
    Campaign Management 
    Live maps and tracking In-app digital presentations
    In-app payments (one-time and recurring)  
    Advanced dashboards with data pivoting Employee contracts and timesheets 
    In-app recruiting for reps 
    Customer Survey Tool 
    API´s and integration 
    Two-factor authentication 
    Webapp, IOS and Android 
    IP Security 
    Encrypted Data 
    GDPR Compliant 
    PCI Compliant 
    Real Time Fraud Control 
    Knowledge tests 
    Training and certification
    Address lists and route planning 
    Secure identification and verification 
    Digital Contracts 
    Mobile Signing  
    Social and Messaging center 

  4. SaaS

    Beest is a true millenial and is only delivered through “the cloud”. This gives our clients a lot of advantages they can harvest from already from day one.First of all is all your data stored in a environmental friendly datacenter in the green mountains of Norway, but we also have satellite locations in datacenters in Europe and rest of the world to accomdate locale laws and regulations. We are fully GDPR compliant and your data is safe with us.Second, with a cloud native solution like Beest, you will always have an updated solution and you don´t have to think about versions and stuff like that. In addition you will always have access to the latest and greatest of features and functionality that our team is developing continuously.Third, as mentioned in the first section, it´s really easy to get started with Beest – sign up, download app and you´re offThe fourth reason why our cloud is the best, is that even though we are a cloud native company, you can actually use our solution when you´re offline in the field. We store critical information locally in the app and will sync it when online again.

  5. We keep it all together

    What we mean by that is that everything from our campaign modules where you build out your campaigns to our gamification module is tightly integrated and there´s consistency in all the data, information and processes you need in order to run and effective operation. Add our recruitment module and training/certification modules and you can, as one example, have a great follow-up on new-hires and how they are performing, you´ll get insights to your turnover and much more. With consistent data across the organisations you are now able to take well-founded decisions on how to be even better moving forward.
    Whit our Smart QA you´ll have instant access to any deviations and you can handle them accordingly and you will get all the information you need to handle it within the same view and in the same moment – everything from signed contracts, sent messages, payment confirmations etc, etc,

  6. We are flexible, dynamic and fast

    As a smaller startup we are able to move faster, better and be more flexible than most of our competitors – and that is something that we have kept, and will keep also when growing. For our customers that means that we are more responsive to both commercial, technical and development wishes and requests from our clients. We are not saying that we are going to put down hundreds of development hours for you for free, just because you ask us to:-) But the likelihood of a good feature request or a new integration partner is hitting our roadmap is close to 100%. And if something is really important to you and you want to do it at whatever cost – we have a team that can support you in that as well.

  7. YOU are our most important customer

    At Beest every customer is important and that is something that you will notice when engaging with us. To start with you will have a dedicated contact that will be your one and only contact for getting in touch with us. This person will make sure you´re getting the help you need if it´s a technical request, incident or a commercial thing. 
    Our smaller customers are equally important as our largest ones – we treat everyone with the same respect and professional and flexible attitude. You are going to be in the best hands when joining Beest. 

If you are still in doubt why you should join the Beest-movement – book a demo with us and you can see for yourself.