Beest FAQ

Yes, our API´s are open and will easily exchange information to and from your existing systems and solutions. Our tech guys will help you with this.

Yes, we are.
Beest are GDPR compliant and our clients can also set the period of time after when they want the data to be anonymised or deleted.

Yes, we are.
We are not accepting, handling, storing or transmitting any cardholder data.  Any cardholder data is done directly between the customer/donor and the payment gateways/providers our clients use, ie: Stripe, Adyen etc. We are only integrating Beest with PCI Certified payment gateways/providers.

No, as a cloud based solution, all you have to do is to register as a user, download the app, access the dashboard/admin pages and you are ready to go. If you want to have some integrations, adding payment gateways etc our tech guys will do a lot of the work so that the strain on your IT department will be as little as possible.

Beest offers a wide set of features to support your fundraising or field sales operations - ranging from recruitment modules, advanced dashboards and reporting, digital contracts and signing, payment integrations and solutions, live maps, performance metrics, Smart Quality Assurance module, customer surveys ++++

You can have a look at some videos of some of the features here:


Yes, we have! Our live map Have a look at this video to see a bit more of the functionality.

We support a wide array of payment solutions and gateways, like Stripe, Adyen, Paypal, RaiseNow, Paygate, etc. We are continuously adding payment gateways and solutions together with our existing and new customers.

Yes, we have the possibility to store data locally or at a local datacenter - this is not a part of our standard solution, but get in touch with us and we´ll help you a long the way.

We have both a subscription based and transaction based pricing model. Subscriptions are per user per month and transactions are per signed new donor or client using Beest.

In addition we have a set-up fee that includes set-up and configuration, training and our standard integrations.

Yes, Beest is a really flexible solution that easily integrates with existing CRM, ERP, Payroll, HR etc. And the beauty is that it doesn´t require a lot from your IT department as we will do most of the work.

In addition to the features and functionality you find under our price page, here, the prices also includes all updates and upgrades that we continuously do to our solution, a top notch support and service organisation, a super SLA to make sure you are always up and running and of course free access to our knowledge and competence at any time.

Our set-up fee includes the actual set-up and configuration, training and our standard integrations.

If you want to do some specific customisations or special integrations it might trigger an invoice from us.