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Harness dynamic insights and tailor success with custom reports

Data mastery combines real-time dashboards and custom report creation, offering insights into sales trends, team performance, and goal achievements.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this feature provides instant access to sales data, enabling swift, data-driven decisions through interactive visualizations and customizable metrics.

This tackles common reporting hurdles such as delayed decision-making, data inaccessibility, and inflexible reporting tools, streamlining the reporting process for efficiency and clarity.

  • Instant Insights: Access real-time data for immediate analysis
  • Customizable Clarity: Tailor reports to meet unique business needs
  • Decision Speed: Make faster, informed decisions with up-to-the-minute data
  • Team Alignment: Share templates and insights for unified team strategy
  • Goal Tracking: Monitor sales targets and performance visually
  • Tech Savvy: Leverage advanced analytics with ease
  • Data Accessibility: Reports and dashboards available on any device
  • Strategic Planning: Empower strategic decisions with deep data analysis

Investing in Data Mastery ensures sales leaders can navigate the complexities of today’s market with precision and agility, turning insights into actionable strategies for unparalleled growth.


Empower decisions with real-time analytics, anywhere, anytime

This provides immediate access to crucial sales data and analytics, enabling real-time tracking of activities, performance, and outcomes from any device.

Leveraging advanced technology, this feature offers live analytics and a unified dashboard accessible via web or mobile, ensuring a seamless user experience across all platforms.

It addresses challenges like data inaccessibility, delayed reporting, and inconsistent user experiences, making critical information readily available for swift decision-making.

  • Always Accessible: Data available 24/7, on any device
  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor sales activities as they happen
  • Quick Decisions: Instant performance indicators for agility
  • Unified Experience: Consistent dashboard across all devices
  • Performance Insights: Live updates on team and individual achievements
  • Agile Strategy: Adapt strategies with up-to-the-minute data
  • Enhanced Productivity: Streamlines reporting and analysis processes
  • Strategic Advantage: Stay ahead with continuous insight access

Choosing Insight Everywhere empowers sales managers to make informed, agile decisions, ensuring they stay ahead in the fast-paced sales environment with data at their fingertips.


Elevate performance, plan with precision, and surpass every target

This equips sales leaders with deep insights for precise planning and performance enhancement, ensuring every sales target is not just met but exceeded.

This feature uses data analytics and gamification to provide actionable insights, enabling real-time strategy adjustments and fostering a motivated, high-performing team.

It tackles issues like lackluster team performance, inaccurate forecasting, and inefficient strategy planning, offering a pathway to surpass sales goals with data-driven precision.

  • Precise Planning: Make informed decisions with in-depth analytics
  • Boosted Performance: Elevate team engagement and output
  • Target Triumph: Surpass goals with data-driven strategies
  • Real-Time Adjustments: Swiftly tweak strategies as needed
  • Forecasting Finesse: Accurate predictions for smarter planning
  • Motivation Magic: Gamification that drives team spirit
  • Efficiency Excellence: Streamline planning and execution processes
  • Unified Vision: Align team efforts towards common goals

Investing in Strategic Supremacy means embracing a future where data-driven decisions and strategic planning lead to unmatched sales achievements and team performance.


Craft reports easily and dive deep with advanced analysis

This streamlines the creation and customization of reports, enabling deep dives into data for strategic insights and decision-making.

This feature combines user-friendly reporting tools with advanced analytics and pre-configured dashboards, simplifying complex data analysis and report generation.

It addresses challenges like time-consuming report generation, difficulty in data analysis, and the struggle to keep the team updated with the latest insights.

  • Quick Customization: Easily tailor reports to fit your needs
  • Deep Dives: Advanced analysis for insightful data exploration
  • Instant Insights: Access pre-configured dashboards for quick understanding
  • Team Sync: Automatically distribute reports for aligned strategies
  • User-Friendly: Simplify reporting with intuitive tools
  • Data at Fingertips: Make informed decisions with immediate data access
  • Efficiency Boost: Save time on report creation and analysis
  • Strategic Advantage: Leverage data for competitive strategy planning

Sleek Reporting is essential for sales directors who value efficiency and depth in data analysis to drive strategic decisions and maintain a competitive edge.

Transform Data into Victory

Empower your strategy with Beest’s unparalleled reporting capabilities – start leading with data.

Premier choice for Field Sales and Fundraising Software

In the vibrant world of field sales and fundraising, Beest stands as the unmatched platform, filled with a wide range of features that streamline operations, enhance performance, and boost productivity. Its sales tracking functionality is pivotal, offering real-time insights and analytics that empower sales teams to effectively navigate the complexities of their sales ventures with unparalleled accuracy.

Beest elevates operational efficiency with task automation, considerably reducing the time required for routine tasks. This enables sales professionals to concentrate on their primary objective: securing sales. The platform’s gamification feature injects a competitive element, encouraging teams with compelling challenges and rewards that boost performance.

A vital asset for sales leaders, the sales performance suite supplies essential tools such as sales slides and analytics, aiding in informed strategic decision-making. The instant payment and digital signature capabilities streamline the deal-closure process, ensuring transactions are not only quickly completed but also securely managed.

Recognizing the importance of ethical practices in sales, Beest incorporates smart QA and fraud control to maintain the highest standards of integrity. For newcomers, the platform offers easy sales training and a smoother integration for new team members through easier sales start for new representatives, ensuring they are adequately equipped from the onset.

Beest transforms the management of sales teams with its comprehensive set of tools, including route planning, sales planning tools, and GPS tracking. It enhances team cohesion with instant team communication and peer-to-peer communication, promoting effective collaboration. Report building and campaign management tools facilitate strategic planning and analysis, while payroll and photo verification simplify administrative processes and secure operations.

From a technological standpoint, Beest focuses on security and compliance with regulations such as GDPR, ensuring that its operations are not only efficient but also secure and compliant. Its CRM integration and mobile & tablet friendly app provide seamless access and integration with existing infrastructures.

Exceeding the expectations of standard software solutions, Beest establishes a holistic ecosystem for sales canvassing, door-to-door sales, mobile field sales, and more. Its expertise in sales forecasting, route and territory planning, and sales tracking designates it as the solution of choice for sales teams in various industries. Whether the need is for direct sales software, sales reporting software, or a comprehensive management sales software, Beest delivers the critical tools and insights for unparalleled success.

In essence, Beest’s extensive feature set, from sales rep software to sales manager software, and salesperson tracking software, establishes it as the go-to solution for organizations seeking to advance their sales processes, enhance team productivity, and achieve unmatched success in the competitive field of sales and fundraising.