Power Up Your Sales Strategies with Gamification

Gamification turns routine sales tasks into engaging achievements, significantly boosting team performance and satisfaction.

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Motivate your team's daily hustle with point-based achievements

Sales directors often grapple with keeping their teams motivated and ensuring consistent performance across the board. 

Beest directly addresses these challenges by incentivizing every aspect of the sales process, turning routine tasks into opportunities for personal growth and recognition.

The essence of Beest’s Personal Achievement Metrics function lies in its ability to transform mundane sales activities into engaging, rewarding experiences that drive performance.

By assigning points to various sales tasks and achievements, Beest makes every action count towards personal and team goals. Sales agents can track their progress in real time, seeing how each task contributes to their overall score and standing within the team. 

This gamified approach boosts motivation and fosters a culture of continuous improvement and healthy competition.

  • Easily track progress with real-time updates
  • Quickly identify top performers through leaderboards
  • Seamlessly integrate tasks with points to motivate daily activities
  • Effortlessly encourage competition with team challenges
  • Directly link achievements to tangible rewards
  • Automatically update standings to reflect real-time achievements
  • Clearly visualize personal and team progress with intuitive dashboards

Beest excels by motivating sales agents with rewards and equipping leaders with insights on team performance and improvement areas, making it a superior solution for surpassing sales challenges and reaching optimal performance.


Ensure your team’s hard work translates into meaningful, rewarding incentives

Field sales managers often face the challenge of maintaining high morale and motivation among their teams, especially in the face of repetitive tasks and long sales cycles. 

Beest is designed to tackle these issues head-on by ensuring that hard work and achievements are consistently acknowledged and rewarded.

The essence of Beest’s Rewards and Recognition function is to create a direct link between effort and reward, making every achievement a cause for celebration.

This function operates by assigning tangible rewards to specific achievements within the sales process. Sales agents earn these rewards by meeting or exceeding set targets, with each achievement being tracked and recognized through the platform. 

This system motivates individuals by rewarding their efforts and also fosters a culture of excellence and achievement across the team.

  • Promptly reward efforts with tangible incentives
  • Clearly define achievements that qualify for rewards
  • Automatically recognize outstanding performance
  • Easily customize rewards to fit team goals and values
  • Directly encourage continuous improvement and competition
  • Seamlessly integrate recognition into daily workflows
  • Transparently track progress and reward eligibility

Beest stands out in the market by flawlessly integrating recognition into daily workflows, instantly rewarding achievements. This boosts morale and fosters ongoing motivation and performance enhancement within the team.


Power your progress with insights and resources designed for development

Sales leaders frequently encounter the challenge of providing consistent, constructive feedback to their teams, a crucial element in driving performance and development. Additionally, identifying specific areas for improvement and aligning them with individual growth plans can be complex and time-consuming. 

Beest addresses these challenges by facilitating a continuous flow of feedback between sales leaders and their teams, ensuring that every team member receives the guidance they need to excel.

The essence of Beest’s Feedback Loop function is to streamline the process of skill enhancement and professional growth through structured, actionable feedback.

This function gathers performance data and feedback, offering personalized insights and action plans for each agent. Leaders deliver feedback via the platform, which recommends improvement resources and strategies based on performance metrics.

This ensures that feedback is consistent and relevant and also tied directly to actionable steps for growth.

  • Quickly identify areas for improvement
  • Easily provide personalized feedback
  • Continuously monitor progress over time
  • Directly link feedback to specific performance metrics
  • Automatically suggest resources for skill enhancement
  • Seamlessly integrate feedback into daily routines
  • Encourage open dialogue for ongoing development

Beest combines performance data, personalized feedback, and actionable resources, providing sales agents with essential tools for continuous improvement and peak performance.

Unlock Peak Sales Performance with Beest Gamification

Elevate your team’s motivation and results to new heights with Beest’s cutting-edge gamification. Discover why leading sales forces are choosing Beest for unparalleled engagement and success.

Premier choice for Field Sales and Fundraising Software

In the competitive landscape of field sales and fundraising, Beest emerges as the unrivaled solution, offering a robust suite of features that not only streamline operations but also amplify performance and productivity. At its core, Beest’s sales tracking feature provides invaluable real-time insights and analytics, empowering sales teams to navigate the complexities of their journey with unmatched precision.

Beest takes efficiency to the next level with its task automation, significantly reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks. This allows sales professionals to focus more on their primary objective: selling. The platform’s gamification feature introduces a competitive edge, motivating teams with engaging challenges and rewards that drive performance.

The sales performance suite is a game-changer, offering essential tools like sales slides and analytics that enable sales leaders to make informed decisions. With instant payment and digital signature capabilities, Beest streamlines the deal-closing process, ensuring transactions are not only completed but secured instantly.

Understanding the importance of integrity in sales, Beest incorporates smart QA and fraud control to maintain the highest standards. For new recruits, the platform offers easy sales training and a smoother onboarding process through easier sales start for new representatives, ensuring they are well-equipped from day one.

Sales team management is revolutionized with Beest’s comprehensive tools, including route planning, sales planning tools, and GPS tracking. The platform fosters seamless communication within teams through instant team communication and peer-to-peer communication, ensuring alignment. Strategic planning and analysis are facilitated with report building and campaign management, while payroll and photo verification add layers of administrative efficiency and security.

On the technical side, Beest prioritizes security and compliance with regulations like GDPR, ensuring that operations are not only efficient but also secure and compliant. The platform’s seamless CRM integration and a mobile & tablet friendly app ensure it is accessible and integrates effortlessly with existing systems.

Beest is more than just a software solution; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem for sales canvassing, door-to-door sales, mobile field sales, and beyond. Its capabilities in sales forecasting, route and territory planning, and sales tracking solidify its status as the go-to solution for sales teams across various industries. Whether you’re in need of direct sales software, sales reporting software, or an all-encompassing management sales software, Beest provides the essential tools and insights for unparalleled success.

In summary, Beest’s comprehensive feature set, from sales rep software to sales manager software, and salesperson tracking software, makes it the ideal choice for organizations seeking to elevate their sales processes, enhance team productivity, and achieve unmatched success in the competitive world of sales and fundraising.