Beest SLA

Service level Agreement (SLA) of Beest

Beest is a SaaS-based Field Fundraising and Field  Sales Management Tool.

Beest shall, as long as the customer are subscribing to the software, keep Beest and its ́s modules and functionality available 99.5% of the quantified time in section 3.

This Service-Level Agreement (“SLA”) ensures the quality of the services provided by Beest to its Customers.

The General Service Level is granted to all Beest’s Customers.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties, the SLA shall come into force after the onboarding of the customer ́s 10th paid user of Beest. With less than 10 users you can still use our support, but no service levels are guaranteed, and no credits rewarded.

2.Definitions and calculations

  • Availability [%]: Total time minus time of inactivity divided by total time

  • Breakdown: The service still operates, but its total functionality is limited.

More than 25% of the users are affected and cannot perform their work
Critical Breakdown: Incident due to a malfunction of the platform that meets any of the

following assumptions:
More than 50% of the users are affected and cannot perform their work

  • General query: There are no incidents or breakdowns and the Customer requests information.

  • Response time: The period from the customer reports an incident/breakdown to Beest has responded and started working on the incident

  • Service Description: a description of the service, features and functionality delivered

  • Subscription Fees: As defined in the Service Description

  • Subscription Term: as defined in the Service Description

3.General service level

3.1 Guaranteed Availability of Beest

The general availability of Beest is 99.5% measured (CET) Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

4.Product-specic service level

4.1 Communication channels

The Customer shall report to Beest an incident by contacting Beest by emailing

mailto:[email protected] 

The reported incident shall include:
When the incident happened
Which modules and/or functions are affected
How many users are affected
A description of what the users does when the incident/fault occurs (step by step descriptions) and screenshots if possible.

4.2 Support schedule

The support schedule is the period during which the Customer may contact Beest’s technical support organisation. Further specified in below table:

Queries and breakdowns:

General query Breakdown Critical Breakdown

Support schedule (CET time zone)

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


response time

(by any of the means specified above)

12 hours

12 hours

2 hours

4.3 Response time

The response time will start when Beest has registered a ticket in their support management system based on received information from the customer.

If the incident is not received by Beest through the correct communication channel, the Customer acknowledges that this may cause a delayed response from Beest. Response times (which can be found in section 6) are only guaranteed if the incident report is sent to Beest through the correct communication channel.

5.Maintenance tasks

As a general rule, system maintenance requiring a temporary service interruption shall be carried out on weekends or after normal working hours to minimize the disruption to the Customer’s business. In exceptional cases, system maintenance with service interruption may be carried out at any other time. Beest will then inform the customer if any extraordinary maintenance or upgrades are necessary.

Any downtime due to maintenance services shall not compute towards the 99.5 guaranteed availability of the service.

6.Service level non-compliance

If the servicelevels are not met, Beest shall add credits to the Customer’s account provided the Customer has given Beest a written and valid claim for service credits.

The following table shows the service credits payable to the Customer’s account due to Beest ́s non-compliance of the service levels.

Service availability

The maximum service credits payable per month amounts to 100% of the monthly Subscription Fees payable by the Customer to Beest for the services.

For the Customer to be eligible to receive service credits, the Customer shall notify Beest within 10 days from the date it is eligible to receive the service credit by sending an e-mail to the address [email protected] and providing the following information:

Product affected
Date and time of the lack of service
Any requested documentation by Beest to assess the incident

7. Disclaimer

Beest shall not be liable for:

  1. Any incidents/breakdowns that are due to the customer ́s other internal or external services or maintenance work, sercurity breaches, network outage etc. on the customer ́s side.

  2. Any periods of inactivity which are directly related to Beest or its subcontractors carrying out any maintenance tasks of the services.

  3. Any periods of inactivity due to conditions outside Beest ́s control.

  4. The violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, or of any other rights or

    legitimate interests arising from the use of the product hired by the Customer.

The Customer will be solely responsible for the any customer or end-customer data in Beest