Your sales team represents your company and drives its growth and success. These frontline ambassadors are responsible for building relationships, closing deals, and making money. However, becoming excellent at sales doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, skill, and effective training.

Understanding the Challenges Faced by New Field Sales Reps

New field sales reps face obstacles that hinder their progress.

These challenges include:

  • lack of product knowledge
  • communication skills
  • persuasion skills
  • dealing with rejection

New reps often struggle to understand the products or services they offer.

They may find it difficult to explain the value to potential customers or answer complex questions. They might also lack familiarity with the industry, making it hard to position their offerings effectively.

Communication and persuasion skills are crucial for field sales reps. They need to engage customers, build rapport, and convincingly communicate the benefits of their products or services.

Without proper training, new reps may miss opportunities and lose sales.

Rejection is a normal part of the sales process. New reps must learn to handle it professionally and stay positive. Without resilience and the ability to bounce back, they can lose motivation and enthusiasm.

The Power of Comprehensive Training Programs

Comprehensive training programs are the foundation for turning new field sales reps into superstars. These programs cover product and industry knowledge, sales techniques and strategies, and communication and interpersonal skills.

Our field sales software offers the possibility to have comprehensive training, ensuring that your reps have in-depth knowledge of the products or services they sell. From features and benefits to competitive advantages, Beest equips your reps with the confidence to communicate value and handle questions or objections.

The cool thing is that as long as your sales reps either have a tablet or phone with the app installed, they can participate in the trainings you mark accessable by them. This means they can access everything from home or even when they are out selling and need a reminding.

In addition to product knowledge, you can use Beest to teach sales techniques and strategies for optimal success. You can teach reps how to identify and qualify leads, deliver persuasive presentations, and handle objections. With Beest, each individual seller can learn the entire sales process, and securing deals with finesse.

In short, you can easily make Beest learn reps how to build rapport, foster trust, and create exceptional customer experiences.

Continuous Learning and Development

Training shouldn’t stop once new reps complete their initial onboarding. Beest field sales software is made with the knowledge of the importance of continuous learning and development for ongoing success.

As long as the sales rep has access to the training he can easily access it when ever he feels like he need to repeat it. For instance this is very handy if the rep has had some objections coming up, and he can’t remember the technique. Then he can easily repeat that lesson before knocking another door.

Ongoing training ensures that your reps remain motivated, engaged, and equipped with the latest tools and techniques to excel in their roles.

Measuring Training Effectiveness

To ensure that your training program is effective and helps your reps become sales superstars, it’s important to measure its impact. Beest Field Sales Software can help you with that. By setting clear performance metrics and goals, you can track the success of individual reps and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the training program.

Stories: From Novices to Sales Superstars

The true measure of effective training lies in the success stories of field sales reps who have transformed from novices to sales superstars. Here are two example stories to illustrate the effectiveness of good on-boarding of sales reps. This way you can train top performers in your organization.


For example, Sarah, a new field sales rep, initially struggled with product knowledge and lacked confidence in her sales presentations. However, through Beest’s comprehensive training program, she gained a deep understanding of the products and learned effective sales techniques. With ongoing support and mentorship, she gradually improved her communication skills and developed resilience to handle rejection. Today, Sarah is one of the top performers in her company, consistently exceeding sales targets and earning recognition for her outstanding performance.


Another success story is Mark, who entered the field of sales with limited experience. Beest’s tailored training program identified Mark’s strengths in building rapport and connecting with customers. The program focused on enhancing his product knowledge and refining his closing techniques. Through shadowing experienced reps and continuous learning, Mark honed his skills and developed a winning sales approach. His dedication and commitment to ongoing development have propelled him to become a sales superstar within his organization.

These success stories vividly demonstrate the transformative impact of Beest’s effective training modules. By using customized training programs, your company can unlock the full potential of your sales team and drive significant business growth.

Know this

In the highly competitive world of field sales, training is the key to turning new reps into sales superstars. By addressing their challenges, providing comprehensive knowledge and skill development, and tailoring training to individual needs, Beest empowers your sales team to achieve exceptional results.

With using this field sales software to the full, your reps gain the confidence, expertise, and resilience they need to excel in their roles. Through hands-on experience, practical application, and continuous learning, they overcome obstacles, build confidence, and become unstoppable sales forces.

Investing in the training and development of your field sales reps not only benefits them individually but also contributes to the overall growth and success of your organization.

Sales superstars drive revenue, build customer relationships, and serve as ambassadors for your company. By recognizing the crucial role of training and nurturing the potential of your field sales reps with Beest, you ensure long-term success in the competitive marketplace.

Introducing Beest Field Sales Software: Your Path to Sales Mastery

Unleash Your Team’s Potential With Beest Field Sales Software, you have the ultimate tool to improve your team’s performance. This easy-to-use and yet advanced platform includes a special training module for new sales reps. It can feature engaging videos that provide valuable knowledge. Whether your reps sell products or services, with Beest you can give them the best start.

Book a demo with us at a time that fits you the best.


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